Fleet Safety Health Check

Thank you for requesting your fleet safety health check. Fleetrisk24 are committed to helping organisations improve their transport health and safety, and to meet all current legal obligations. 
Documents relating to risk assessment, policy and arrangements (guidance and instruction) must be in place and regularly updated in order for you to meet your legal obligations and our health check will help you to establish best practices.

Our Fleet Safety Health Check will:

  • Find out what you already have in place
  • identify risk areas and management issues
  • help you to resolve identified risk

Fleetrisk24 have solutions for all your Transport Health and Safety needs. Based on your health check we will make recommendations that will put your company in a robust defendable position should an incident occur.

The policies and processes you put in place, to safeguard your company, its employees, and other third parties that those employees may come into contact with whilst on a business journey, have to be up to date valid and relevant to your business.

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