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Driver Development and Training

Driver Development & Training

The main aim of a complete transport health and safety programme is to manage, and as far as is reasonably practical, reduce the risks both of, and to, your drivers through their activities. For your organisation to meet its transport health and safety obligation it must not only have suitable policy documents and licence checking processes in place but also monitor its driver’s behaviour in the vehicle while driving for work. Employers have a duty of care to ensure the health and safety of employees that drive for work and, to all third parties that those employees come into contact with while performing work activities. The employer also has a responsibility to ensure that any vehicle being used, regardless of ownership, is legally compliant.

The main areas that driver training sessions address are:
  • Improvement of knowledge and skills   
  • Improvement of attitude and behaviour
Through management and monitoring processes a driver may be highlighted as higher risk with the most suitable solution being in vehicle driver training. There are many different objectives when investing in a driving course, some will directly benefit the driver by improving their skills and/or knowledge and so reduce their risk, which will of course also benefit the company. Others will primarily benefit the company, for example, an eco-safe driving course, but will engage the driver as they can benefit when driving outside of work, or if they claim mileage allowance for using their own vehicle for work.

Your drivers have already passed a theory and driving test (even though some may have passed the theory section at the end of the driving test before the separate theory test was introduced) and so have demonstrated they have the necessary skills to use the road safely and interact correctly with other road users. However, over time knowledge may need updating as laws change and new rules are introduced and laziness or complacency lead to skills not being developed correctly and bad habits creeping in. In either case a training session will guide the driver back into better habits which in turn will result in reducing their risk.
Fleetrisk24 do not send your drivers back to school.

All training sessions with highly qualified trainers are designed to:
  • help your drivers develop the skills they already have
  • let the driver take control of their own development
  • help them focus on the specific areas that increase their risk, with guidance from the trainer

Fleetrisk24 will tailor training courses to meet your company and drivers specific requirements to address identified risks.

Key development areas for most drivers are:
• Journey management
• Hazard awareness and anticipation
• Planning
• Spacial awareness
• Eco-safe driving

Tailoring Solutions

Devlopment and Training Provision
Fleetrisk24 can provide :
  • In class presentations to groups
  1. Interactive group sessions
  2. Updates to drivers on your company driving policies
  • In vehicle presentations / training:
  1. For groups, 3 to 1 or 2 to 1 in vehicle for eco safe driving courses to benefit your company, or for general driver development courses
  2. For individual drivers, 1 to 1 in vehicle training sessions to develop a driver identified as higher risk


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