Driver Development - Elearning

Driver E-Learning

Traditionally, driver development involved in vehicle training with an assessment of driver ability and risk score being the means of identifying good, and bad, but more recently, online assessments and e-learning have become recognised tools to evaluate driver performance for a number of reasons. Online assessments identify strengths and weaknesses in driver knowledge, as well as, in other risk areas such as driver attitude.

The main benefits to the employer, other than improved driver safety, are that e-assessments and training are more cost effective and time efficient.
Access to online activities can:
  • target specific criteria for your drivers
  • address identified risks to meet the organisation’s needs
  • highlight those drivers that may need further specialist in vehicle driver development

 “Fleetrisk24 recommends e-learning as a preventative measure which forms part of your transport health and safety programme”

Taking on New Employees

How do you decide which candidate will best suit the job role?

Finding the right person for the job should include evaluating their driving ability, if driving forms part of their role; Interviews often don’t obtain all the information you need. So, having decided which applicants are qualified to do the job, how do you decide who may best represent your organisation professionally on the road. A simple evaluation as part of an interview, or induction

  • introduce candidates to your organisations policy for driving at work
  • demonstrate to them that you are serious about their safety and road safety
  • highlight any remedial training that may be necessary, before they start to drive for you

 “Employing a driver who increases your company risk may turn out to be a very bad investment” 

Existing drivers in your organisation
Every driver can benefit from refreshing their knowledge, and e-learning can be a way of preventing an incident. The assessment modules can be tailored to meet specific objectives for both your organisation and its driver and can include a knowledge check on your work related road safety policy to ensure your drivers understand and work to it, thus covering your duty of care.

E-assessments and training can be used as a preventative measure for your drivers, but can also be provided for individual drivers to address specific issues, for example following:

  • a licence endorsement
  • an accident, or near miss

By refreshing knowledge and highlighting current best driving practice, the aptitude assessment and training modules help drivers become more eco-safe and aware. Of course, this benefits the driver in lowering their risk and improving their safety, but also has financial benefits to the organisation, and, is an effective way of reducing your carbon footprint.

The aptitude assessments cover the following subjects:

  • rules of the road
  • hazard perception
  • observation
  • driver reaction
  • following distance
  • company driving policy
  • psychometric test
If the assessment highlights a weakness in knowledge, your drivers can access further online modules to address specific training. The subject areas covered are:
  • Rules of the road training
  • Safe driving policy training
  • Reducing driving stress training
  • Speed limits
  • Commentary driving
  • Highway Code
  • Skills that a driver can adopt while driving to reduce risk


Fleetrisk24 Ltd manages this online service for you and our risk team is able to support your drivers via our helpdesk. Client key contacts are provided with a progress and results report for drivers who are registered on the system which shows your drivers risk score. We are able to discuss this with you and offer guidance on any further solutions, where relevant.

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