About fleetrisk24


Fleetrisk24 Ltd is an independent company established in 2003, specialising in all aspects of health and safety regarding the use of transport for business purposes, either on the road, Work Related Road Safety, or in the workplace, Workplace Transport Safety.

The Evolution of Fleetrisk24.


From our beginnings in 2000, working as a division of a Fleet Management Company, Fleetrisk24 have striven to provide clients with the very highest quality services in Work Related Road Safety. Following a change of direction by the Fleet Management Company in 2003 there was an amicable parting and the directors of Fleetrisk24 set up Fleetrisk24 Ltd.

2003 was also the year that Work Related Road Safety or, as it had been known, ‘Driving at Work’ or ‘Occupational Road Risk’, became a focus of attention for the authorities following research by the Work Related Road Safety Task Group who reported that up to a third of all Road Traffic Accidents involved someone driving for work. These figures would later be backed up by further research.

Fleetrisk24 started, in 2004, to investigate and develop the possibilities of providing an online risk management service with full support from its consultants and administration team that managed both company drivers and vehicles. In 2008 they were approached by a client who wanted to outsource their risk management of what they perceived as the dangerous activity of driving for business and the Fleet Risk Management (frm) system was launched.
Fleetrisk24 are now a leading provider of services that address the risks organisations face, whether large or small and however diverse their requirements. All of the services provided by Fleetrisk24 are tailored to the specific needs of each individual client, providing a cost effective solution for them.

Offering a total solution to the management of drivers, whether they operate on the public highway, or on site in the workplace, Fleetrisk24 can help with creation of policy and arrangements documents, online driver risk management (frm) solutions and, either individual (one to one) or group driver training interventions. Being independent allows Fleetrisk24 to provide clients with unbiased solutions addressing their needs as they are identified through a risk management process.

Fleetrisk24 has two main objectives when helping a client:
  • to raise the awareness of drivers to the risks of driving whilst at work, thus making them safer
  • to put the client into a robust defendable position in the event of a collision or incident occurring during business driving activity


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