Steps to Safety


The steps to safety programme and accreditation is the brain child of our Senior Consultant. He recognised the need for clients to be able to measure their progress and felt that it should recognise the steps made towards a safer use of vehicles through an award scheme.

The Accreditation is available to any company or organisation that uses vehicles within the workplace or on the public highway.


Initial Audit

the first point of measurement is a full audit of the transport used by the business this can be Workplace Transport or transport used on the public highway, known as Work Related Road Safety. It includes a review of systems and documentation currently in place, followed by a walk round (in the case of Workplace Transport Safety) and interviews with managers, staff and drivers.

At the end of the audit the client will be provided with a report that details their current position and recommendations to improve what they are doing. The award will be based on the detail of this report and if the client has reached a sufficient standard a trophy and certificate will be awarded to each site. 

Start Up

If the company is a start up this audit will provide all the recommendations to implement a thorough transport health and safety strategy and after a 6 or 12 month period, the client can be reassessed to achieve accreditation. 


Following an agreed recognised time period, the client can be re-audited to assess the progress made against the initial report. If sufficient progress has been made a new trophy and certificate will be issued to each site. Re-audit is a shorter process as we will only need to review documentation and audit any new process and procedure. 


When the client has reached a standard that they are comfortable with a simple review can be implemented to ensure that standards are not allowed to slip, and that new processes or changes of business have not affected the standards. 

Multiple Site Organisations

One of the advantages of the Steps to Safety Accreditation is that it can be tailored to fit multiple sites and in more than one case individual site Steps to Safety Accreditation has been used to measure site progress against other sites, this has a tendency to self-generate progress as “no one wants to be last”. We have often been invited to present awards in a very public way to advertise progress to other sites and the general public. 

Our Commitment

We believe that reports should be readable by anyone in your organisation and for that reason we use language that is plain and easy to understand. We also commit to supporting you though every step of the process and providing a single contact for the application of the project to ensure a consistent and client centered approach. 

Contact us to find out how we can help, in conjunction with you, manage any aspect of your transport health and safety.

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