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Workplace Transport Safety

Workplace Transport is the activity of vehicles in a workplace or site. Every year those activities cause around 50 deaths, 1,500 serious injuries, and 3,500 injuries that result in the individual being off work for more than 3 days.

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How we can help

Fleetrisk24 Ltd can provide services that will help your company fulfil its legal obligations under the health and safety at work act 1974, and other regulations.

Our services include:

  • Workplace Transport Safety Audit
  • Risk assessment
  • Creation and development of policy and arrangements documents
  • Manager and driver awareness training
  • Risk reduction services



We recommend starting with a review of your current Workplace Transport Safety management systems.

The purpose of the review is to establish what you are already doing well and reveal any gaps that may be putting you at risk.

We conduct a site inspection and are happy to include a review of the systems you use for other business activities. This can very often save you time and money by us simply realigning them to ensure your Workplace Transport Safety requirements are addressed.

The data collected is used in the formation of a risk audit document. We can help you create your risk assessment on which your policy and arrangements documents will be based.

This process helps us provide tailored policy and arrangements documents to meet your specific needs.

Note: Audits and the recommendations will be site specific.

Workplace Transport Safety Audit

workplace transport safety policy



There are generally two parts to the Workplace Transport Safety documentation produced and provided by Fleetrisk24 Ltd.

Part One: Workplace Transport Safety Policy (WTSP). 

This reflects the Workplace transport safety values and beliefs of the organisation and set clear direction for the Workplace transport safety Programme, providing the foundation of the more detailed 2nd part of the documentation. It includes the general intentions, approach, objectives and vision of the organisation as issued by the Board of Directors.

Part Two: Workplace Transport Safety Arrangements (WTSA).   

The WTSA provides instruction and guidance to all staff that drive or manage those that drive on behalf of the business. It gives clear direction to individuals of their responsibilities with regards to the workplace transport safety programme.

Please note: In compliance with the expectation of the investigating authorities there is an unbroken line of responsibility from the Board through management to the drivers themselves.


Fleetrisk24 run manager and driver presentations, focused on the raising, and continued awareness, of your employees towards Workplace Transport Safety, as well as, the need to play an active role in your company's WTS programme.

We also run update presentations focussing on areas such as:
  • changes in the law
  • campaigns

Our presentations are singular events tailored to your specific requirements.

Contact us to find out how we can help, in conjunction with you, manage any aspect of your transport health and safety.

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