"Transport Health & Safety is a key issues for all organisations"


As an employer you have a duty of care to ensure your employees are working in a safe environment and are not exposed to unnecessary risk. This duty of care is also extended to anyone that may be affected by an employees activities, both in the workplace, or whilst driving at work.

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Driving at Work 

workplace transport safety 



Driving at Work   

Driving at work, also known as Work Related Road Safety or Occupational Road Risk, is one of the most dangerous work activities an employee can undertake and many thousands are killed or seriously injured every year. This is not only financially damaging to a company in terms of the cost of the accident but can also damage your reputation. 

“If your drivers use their own vehicles while driving for work, as their employer, you still have a duty of care to ensure the health and safety of those employees while they are using that vehicle for a work journey.”

Workplace Transport Safety

Movement of vehicles around a company premise including cars, vans, lorries and lift trucks, is considered to be ‘Workplace transport’. 

Many thousands of accidents happen each year in the workplace resulting in death or serious injury, and according to the Health and Safety Executive:

'the most common accidents are, people falling from or being struck by a vehicle, objects falling from a vehicle, or vehicles overturning.' 

Steps to Safety 
When you use our auditing services you will automatically be given a Steps to Safety Accreditation for each and every site we visit. This allows you to measure the performance of each site against others so that you can easily identify weaker sites and focus your attention on improvements.  

How will Fleetrisk24 help you

Fleetrisk24 have expert consultants able to advise you how to protect your company, and work with you to implement plans that effectively manage your transport health and safety.  Work Related Road Safety and Workplace Transport Safety.   

We will:

Conduct an audit on your transport health and safety. 
Provide a written report with recommendations. 
Help you to create policy and arrangements documents. 
Help you update and maintain existing policy and arrangements documents.

We can support you with ongoing management of your drivers and the vehicles they drive:

Access to our Fleet Risk Management system (frm) can include:

A licence validation service to check your driver’s status
An MOT validation service for private vehicles used for work purposes
Insurance checks on private vehicles used for business
Online driver evaluation helping to identify your ‘at risk’ drivers
In-vehicle driver coaching for specific driver development courses

Road Safety FAQ's