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All You Need to Know About Completing the Mandates



On behalf of the whole team at Fleetrisk24 I would like to welcome you to membership of the frm system. This guide has been created to help you quickly complete the mandates that we require in order to complete the checks needed for your company to comply with best practice in the management of Driving at Work and the law.

In the guide you will find a number of illustrations indicating where to find the data you require to complete the mandate/s but if your document is not shown and you are unsure about where to find your data please call the frm support team on 01732 700 242 who will be pleased to help.

The mandates are required under the Data Protection Act and are there to ensure that the authorities in charge of the data are aware of the right of fleetrisk24 to check your details on behalf of your company. The mandates have been designed by the authorities in charge of the data and fleetrisk24 has no control over the design or instruction printed on the form.

Fleetrisk24 require the original documents completed and signed by you to ensure compliance with the Data Protection Act.

Once completed you can post the documents to:

Fleetrisk24 Ltd
Chequers Barn
Bough Beech
If you have any concerns about the mandates please contact myself or a member of the frm Support Team.


David Penny MAIRSO

Head of Risk Management Services (RMS)
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