Police report advises closer scrutiny on business drivers - 24th October 2012

A new report by senior officers has recommended that the police keep closer tabs on business drivers in an effort to reduce work-related road risk.

The report, funded by the Metropolitan Police Service and the Association of Chief Police Officers has called for the introduction of a national standard for the management of work-related road risk and greater involvement by the police in disseminating safety information.

BVRLA chief executive John Lewis, whose organisation contributed to the report, told fleetworld:

'We wholeheartedly endorse its recommendation for a national standard for the management of work-related road safety.

‘The awareness of work-related road risk has improved in recent years, largely thanks to the efforts of organisations including Brake and Driving for Better Business. A national standard would help focus attention on a single, well-understood framework that would be easier for fleet managers to implement.

 ‘Asking the police to keep businesses informed about employees’ committing road traffic offences while driving at work makes perfect sense, but we would go further. The BVRLA believes that the police should be given the extra resources to be able to categorise all work-related road accidents and report them to businesses.

 ‘Companies can then start recording these incidents and reporting them as part of their RIDDOR (Reporting of Injuries, Disease and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations) requirements. The government is currently consulting on the future of the RIDDOR and we will be calling for road accidents to be brought into scope.’

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