Dash Cam Benefits - 5th May 2015

Recently we reported on a news article that showed a customer car being driven recklessly by a mechanic following a service at Halfords. On this occasion the driver of the vehicle definitely didn’t benefit from having an in vehicle camera, however, it does seem that more drivers are looking at getting them fitted as a security device in the event of a crash.

A report in the Daily Mail this week suggests that a camera mounted in your vehicle could not only provide evidence of who was in the wrong in a crash but also may have financial benefits by lowering the cost of insurance, that is of course providing you don’t have a crash that was your fault. A spokesperson from the Association of British Insurers was quoted in the Daily Mail saying ‘This technology can enable insurers to adjust the cost of premiums or provide other incentives based on how individuals drive. When used correctly, dashboard cameras can provide a record of an accident, helping insurers to deal with claims quickly and efficiently.’

Most drivers are also wary of the trend that has also recently attracted much media coverage, that of crash for cash which would also be much easier to prove with video evidence. Some incidents will undoubtedly not be so clear cut as the driver may think, an example being the incident with the van and caravan on the M6/M5 junction recently. Both drivers will be convinced of their innocence, yet on reflection, both could have avoided getting involved at all. I would imagine neither drivers insurance company would be rushing to give them a discount at renewal time.

Most cameras, which need a little thought on placement so not to block the drivers view of the road, are simple to install and will normally fit somewhere near the rear view mirror for the front view, you may also choose to have a rear facing camera too which does not necessarily mean a lot more expense. Prices start at around £20 although as with anything you can also spend £100+ if you choose. An alternative to the camera which may suit some people is a video app that you download and use from your phone. You just need a phone holder to stick the phone to the windscreen and use the phone to do the recording instead of a camera. It is worth researching to get the equipment that suits your needs but in comparison to what an incident may cost it is very inexpensive. When positioning the camera be aware that you must not obstruct your view, as with sat-nav, which are often seen plumb in the middle of the windscreen creating a significant blind spot.

As well as being a useful tool to get you off the hook, the camera will undoubtedly have a positive effect on many drivers just by being there. The thought of being watched and having a spy in the cab would subconsciously make most drivers think about their driving a little more in a similar way to telematics, and like telematics, it will generally be the better drivers that decide to have a camera installed. Unlike telematics however, cameras will be more use since the camera is looking at everyone, not only the car it is in. But be warned, if you install one you need to set the standard and reviewing the video of your own driving and using it as a personal development tool would also be a good idea. Be very honest about your performance and work on the areas that may make you raise an eyebrow. Work on good planning and don’t let yourself be caught out by someone trying to get caught doing something stupid on your camera, just hold back and give them space and laugh about them later with your friends.

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