Deadly Distraction - 11th December 2014

When it comes to safety, a new report from the RAC says that drivers see mobile phones as the most deadly distraction.

34% of those interviewed said they worry about other drivers being distracted by their mobile phones. This rises to 49% among older motorists aged 65+ years  – an increase of 9% in the past 12 months.

75% of respondents said they regularly see people people chatting on their mobile phone while driving, and 44% claim to see this during most of their car journeys.

However, just 8% of those interviewed admitted to doing it themselves, leading the report to conclude that they are either being economical with the truth or “do not consider themselves as lawbreakers” when it comes to using their mobile while driving.

The report says that drivers are also worried about young people being distracted by modern technologies; 31% of respondents said that smartphones make children “dangerously oblivious to their surroundings”. This figure rises to 39% among motorists aged over 45 years.

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