Drivers Beware of Zombies - 28th February 2012
There has been an alarming increase in the number of road users killed and injured whilst using mobile phones, MP3 players and other electronic entertainment devices.

The use of these pieces of equipment tends to distract the user and deprives them of their sense of sound which reduces their awareness to the hazards around them. People that are distracted or concentrating on other things are much more likely to do the unexpected, e.g. walking out into the road without looking etc.

Hearing surround sound is an important sense in warning us all of approaching dangers but by the use of mobile phones, MP3 players and the like whilst travelling would seem to make the users oblivious to the dangers surrounding them and due to the added distraction make mistakes that can cost them injury or worse their life.

We are urging drivers to be aware of these distracted road users and to expect the unexpected and thus avoid becoming involved in an incident.

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