Highways England Road Improvements - 14th October 2015

Highways England announce road improvements for three areas to take place over the next five years.
Recently there has been much focus on the disruption that road works cause, and why there are endless coned off lanes, with apparently not much road maintenance being conducted in a lot of cases. This led to a review, with recommendations about how long a roadwork section can be, which of course sparked more discussion about whether shorter sections of roadwork's with a short distance between them instead of just one longer section would be any better. Unfortunately it seems that roadwork's and improvements are a feature of our roads, and as one project finishes another has to start to upgrade the new road to cope with the next rise in traffic volume, and our desire to get to our destination even more quickly. The reality however, is that the time spent trying to improve the roads simply means we take even longer than we should to reach our destination.
To add further to our disruption Highways England recently released details of three areas, South East, Midlands and East of England that will have a total of £6billion of upgrades and improvements. They say the work, due to take place between now and 2021, will:

 ‘give road users simpler, faster and more reliable journeys. It will also boost the area’s economy and help to bring the country closer together’

In the meantime there is likely to be further widespread disruption for drivers while the work is carried out and Fleetrisk24 would recommend that drivers keep a close eye on developments to the projects that may affect you so you can plan your journeys as best as you can to try and avoid likely hold up areas.
More details of all the proposed improvements can be found on the website at:

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