Insurance Premiums Saving - 3rd April 2013
Insurance premiums to be cut through insurance companies being able to access DVLA database to reduce fraudulent insurance applications.

Through a series of new measures British Insurers will be able to access the DVLA database to carry out simple checks on the status of an individual’s driving licence. The new measures which will come into force in 2014 may reduce premiums by up to £100 by cutting out fraudulent car insurance applications by cross referencing driver data.

Up to 23% of drivers do not accurately declare their driving history to insurers, according to the Association of British Insurers, including thousands of disqualified drivers.

The system will work by requiring drivers to give their driving licence number during application for an insurance policy at which point a check will be made with the DVLA to determine the status of the drivers licence.

According to new research there is massive public support for the changes.

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