Licence Discrepancies Discovered - 8th July 2013

It has come to our notice that upon renewal certain classes of vehicle are being left off of newly renewed licences. Following investigation 
we have discovered that DVLA have issued some licences without certain classes of vehicle shown in the entitlement of those individuals who passed their test prior to the 1997 changes.

As you are no doubt aware as from the 1st of January 1997 anyone passing the standard driving test is not able to drive a number of classes of vehicle that were previously considered part of the standard test, these include: 7.5 ton truck, vehicle towing a trailer up to 3500kg. This is of serious concern and drivers are urged to check their licences thoroughly when returned from DVLA.

When we asked DVLA to respond they advised that where a driver has been issued with a licence that does not reflect their correct entitlement regarding class of vehicle, they should send it to DVLA who will change it free of charge

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