Mobile Phone Policy Review - 7th March 2017
Organisations need to review their mobile phone and driving policies following the recent changes to legislation to avoid the unwanted scrutiny.

The review should include the question, do we really need our drivers to be available whilst driving? if we do, what do we do to ensure their safety. Clear procedures must be put into place to safeguard drivers and members of the public, drivers must be involved to procedure developent to ensure employee buyin to a practical and safe system of work. 

Organisations need to ask themselves is a life worth a phone call?      
Many issues that feature in our news section may be of concern to you as an employer if you employ company drivers. It is important that you, as a company, are fully compliant with your responsibilities to those employees.

Fleetrisk24 Ltd specialises in Work Related Road Safety and Workplace Transport Safety and can help you put policies and processes in place to address your transport health and safety requirements.

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