New Motor Insurance Law - 6th June 2011

From early 2011 the Continuous Insurance Enforcement Regulations (CIE) came into force that gives the DVLA more power to combat those individuals that run vehicles on the road uninsured.

DVLA will now compare its records with those held by the Motor Insurance Database (MID) the recording point for all motor vehicle insurances.

If a vehicle does not have insurance and a statutory off road notification (SORN) has not been made the registered keeper of the vehicle could face:

   A fixed penalty of £100

   Their vehicle being clamped, seized and disposed of, and

   A court prosecution with a maximum fine of £1000

These new measures are in addition to the powers the police currently posses to seize and possibly crush the uninsured vehicle, the police can also fine the driver. This applies to all vehicles provided by the company as well as those owned privately that are used for business.

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