Police focus on drink and drugs driving across Europe - 6th June 2011
Police in 25 countries across Europe including the UK are focusing on drink and drugged driving for 7 days until the 12th of June 2011. The operation which is coordinated by TISPOL the European traffic police network and has been designed to focus attention on this serious problem on European roads.
A similar operation in 2010 saw more than 420,000 drivers tested with over 8,000 being prosecuted under the appropriate legislation.
Although police officers are constantly aware of this problem and will take enforcement action on any driver who drives under the influence, this high profile campaign will help to draw the public’s attention to the consequences of driving whilst impaired by alcohol or drugs.
Not all drivers are aware that if they take certain medicinal drugs it can affect their ability to drive safely on the public highway.
Drivers should always ensure that they check the medicinal instructions before driving.
Many drivers will drive the following morning after drinking a high quantity the night before believing wrongly that they will be under the limit.
Driving whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs is not only illegal but also very dangerous to other road users.
For more information or to discuss your duties please contact 01732 864 999
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