Clarification on Time Limit for Recording License Endorsements - 15th June 2012

Following recent discussions with clients we have been asked to clarify the law relating to individuals who, following a conviction, do not submit their licence for the conviction details to be added to their licence.

The law states that a driver has upto a maximum of 28 days to submit their licence to DVLA for the conviction to be added. after the 28 days the licence will be revoked and the driver will be unlicenced and uninsured if they drive on the public highway. The driver will remain unlicenced to drive untill they reapply to the DVLA to have the licence reinstated and reissued and canot drive until the process is completed.

The police have the power to seize a vehicle being driven by an individual with a revoked licence which will cause a major problem for a company if that vehicle is owned and used by the business.

We are recommending that clients review their Work Related Road Safety policies to ensure that they comply with the changes and we are offering clients our help if they require.

If you are unsure if your policy effectively covers the changes in the law or you require further information please contact .

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