SOE Presentation - 3rd June 2011

Fleetrisk24 Insights

26th May 2011
Surrey Sussex Border

Senior consultant David Penny, from independent risk management firm Fleetrisk 24, gave a thorough presentation on ‘business journeys’, based upon his expertise in risk to drivers at work.

Delegates heard that business journeys are influenced by both road traffic law and health & safety – as such, when things go wrong, corporate manslaughter can be one of the outcomes for operators. Penny gave a guide figure that, each year, some 850 people are killed due to road traffic accidents. With that in mind, the advice from firms such as Fleetrisk 24 can be invaluable.

Penny went on to outline the six areas that assessing risk focuses on and which organisations must consider or implement policies for, with periodical review.

Illustrated with examples, the presentation gave members a much appreciated insight into the role and importance of risk assessment.

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