Speeding Fines to Increase - 22nd March 2017

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Speeding will cost you more from 24th of April 2017. In order to deal with the devastation caused by speeding motorist the government have increased the fines applied to speeding on the public highway.

The new increase of fines for speeding of up to £2500.00 on a motorway is designed to send a far tougher message to offenders, on other roads the penalties could be £1000.00 fines are reinforced with an increase in penalty points to 6 and a ban of up to 56 days for serious offenders.

A driver caught doing 101 on a motorway or 76 in a 50 zone could receive a fine of 150% of their weekly income.
Sentencing guidelines are available here but magistrates will have the ability to adjust the punishment based on previous convictions and weather conditions known as "Aggravating Factors".

The sentencing council have revised the guidelines because they feel that the current punishments do not reflect the potential harm that speeding can cause.
Fleetrisk24 feel that this is a good move David Penny Head of Risk Management stated “I believe that any measure designed to reduce road deaths due to poor or inconsiderate driving is getting closer to an ideal world where no person goes to work and does not return home that night due to a road traffic incident”.

 Speed Limit

 Recorded Speed




 41mph and above




 51mph and above




 66mph and above




 76mph and above




 91mph and above




 101mph and above

 Sentencing Range
(earning-related fine)

 Band A (50%)

 Band B (100%)

 Band C (150%)


 3 points

 4-6 points
7-28 days 

 6 points or
7-56 days 

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