Insurance Hole - 22nd November 2011
22 November 2011

Do your employees carry out volunteer work if so your insurance company may need to be notified otherwise it could invalidate your insurance.

Under the terms of full and frank disclosure you need to tell your insurer if any of your employees carry out volunteer work in their spare time whether they use your vehicle or not. If like many companies some of your employees have opted out of the car scheme or they use their own vehicle for business they may need to tell their insurer, otherwise they may not be insured.

Action Points

Ask your employees if they carry out volunteer work and give some examples.

Record these findings and identify those under your insurance.

Advise your insurance company if any of the employees carry out volunteer work.

Get a responce in writing from the insurance company that they are willing to cover this activity.

Advise any employees not under the company insurance of their duties to tell their insurance company if required.

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