Work Related Road Safety Solutions

Work Related Road Safety Solutions

Work Related Road Safety Solutions

Work Related Road Safety or Driving at Work includes all journeys on the public road conducted by an employee driving for work on behalf of their employer. A company has a duty of care to ensure the health and safety of its employees and third parties they come into contact with, regardless of the ownership of the vehicle the employee is using for the journey.

Work Related Road Safety has become a high agenda issue with the enforcing authorities in the UK as well as in many other countries around the world. It is also often referred to as Driving at Work.

It is vital for employers to have fleet risk management processes in place, and manage at work drivers correctly, to protect the company should an incident occur.


Fleetrisk24 Ltd can assist you by providing services to help you fulfil your legal obligations under the Road Traffic Act 1988, Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and the Road Safety Act 2006.

Our services include:
  • A systems review
  • A risk assessment
  • Development of road safety policy and arrangements
  • Management training
  • Risk management services.

Driving at Work



Risk audit services start with a review of the Work Related Road Safety management systems currently in place.

We aim to save you time and money by reviewing the systems you use for other business activities which often require a simple realignment in order to address your Work Related Road Safety requirements correctly.

The review will reveal what you currently do well, and identify any gaps there may be. This is important for us to provide a tailored policy and arrangements document.

The data we collected is used in the formation of a risk audit document, which:

  • Sets out the position at the time of the audit
  • Identifies hazards
  • Prioritise the hazard for future action
  • Provides recommendations

This will, where possible eliminate risks, or, bring them down to a tolerable level whilst observing practical issues.

Work Related Road Safety Audit 


There are normally 2 parts to the road safety documentation produced and provided by Fleetrisk24 Ltd although variation may occur to suit your current structure and needs.
  • The first part is a Road Safety Policy (RSP) reflecting the Work Related Road Safety values and beliefs of your organisation, and setting clear direction for the Road Safety Programme. This includes the general intentions, approach, objectives and vision of the organisation as issued by the Board of Directors and will provides the foundation for the more detailed 2nd part of the documentation.
  • The second part is the Road Safety Arrangements (RSA). The RSA provides instruction and guidance for all staff that drive, or who manage those that drive, on behalf of the business. It gives clear direction to individuals of their responsibilities with regards to the road safety programme.
Work Related Road Safety Documentation


Fleetrisk24 run manager and driver presentations, focused on the raising, and continued awareness, of your employees towards Work Related Road Safety, as well as, the need to play an active role in your company's WRRS programme.

We also run update presentations focussing on areas such as:
  • changes in the law
  • campaigns
Work Related Road Safety Awareness
Our presentations are singular events tailored to your specific requirements.
To Download the Official Guidance on Driving at Work indg382 click here Driving at Work

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